Contractions and abbreviations

As part of our goal to have a voice that is personal and concise, we employ the use of contractions to improve scanability and sentence length.

It is the nature of the supply chain industry to employ the use of many standard abbreviations, for example:

SKU - stock keeping unit

BOM - bill of materials

PO - purchase order

JIT - just in time

FIFO - first in, first out

SSCC - serial shipping container code

BOL - bill of lading

UOM - unit of measure

When writing long form (help desk articles, etc.), always write out the full term when it is first mentioned and include the abbreviation in brackets immediately after the term. Any additional mentions of that term in the body content can then refer to the abbreviation.

In application, space is limited and it is often difficult to write out these terms in context. Also, our voice is an industry expert and is concise. Therefore we use the acronyms exclusively in our software body content. If the heading of a page in the application is or contains these terms, it is written out fully.