Our voice is derived from our company values and from our North Star:

"By uniting supply chain communities, we enable sustainable innovation to meet the everyday needs of people."

So how does this affect the way that we communicate to our customers?

Nulogy values

Agility in everything

Nulogy always looks to the future. We enable our customers through technology through an agile mindset. Our products help them to achieve efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

Our voice is:

  • Flexible - know the different personas of people who will read your words and ensure that they will resonate in different situations.
  • Helpful - help our users to work effectively. Choose your words intentionally to ensure that they help the user to complete their tasks.

Improvement in practice

Nothing is ever perfect. At Nulogy, we take it upon ourselves to constantly improve our software in order to grow with our customers and the supply chain industry. We must be innovative so that our customers can always rely on our company to provide the best solutions possible.

Our voice is:

  • Active - use the active voice. Put the subject first and use strong verbs to convey through your writing that we always take action.
  • Sincere - our ability to thrive on continuous improvement is a huge part of why customers feel confident in our product. Sincerity in our writing helps drive this home.

Sharing in success

When we celebrate a success, it is never the success of a single person. Nulogy knows that the best way to succeed is to work together as a collective. Our success is due to the hard work of each internal team member and each customer who interacts with our software.

Our voice is:

  • Personal - use the first and second person to bring our customers into the narrative.
  • Goal oriented - know your audience. Know what their immediate goals are and write to help them move forward and troubleshoot.

Leadership in thought

Nulogy promotes innovative thinking and creative problem solving. This, paired with our thorough knowledge of our industry, helps us to remain leaders in our field.

Our voice is:

  • Knowledgeable - keep the user informed. Give them the information they need and, where appropriate, opportunities to learn more.
  • Professional - be professional. Avoid humor and embellishment. We’re here to get the job done well.

No bullshit, no politics, just me

At Nulogy we build our softwares for the user. Our business is done with companies, but we are mindful of the individuals who interact with our software every day. We strive to always keep them in mind.

Our voice is:

Concise - don’t embellish your sentences. Say what needs to be said as plainly as possible.

Understandable - avoid jargon wherever possible. Jargon is sometimes unavoidable, but keep in mind that many of our customers are not primarily English speakers and some customers use different words to describe the same thing.

It’s not just business, it’s personal

We believe that technology has the power to unify people. It has the power to open doors and provide opportunities to people that would otherwise be without. We strive to go to the margins and bring people in.

Our voice is:

  • Inclusive - write for everybody and don’t make assumptions. Avoid generalizations such as gendered language and follow best practices for writing for translation and accessibility.
  • Positive - avoid negative language like “can’t” or “don’t”. This helps to build trust in our brand.